What is #uoDISsatisfaction?

The #uoDISsatisfaction campaign, presented in solidarity with the Inter-Union Coalition of the University of Ottawa, promotes a higher standard of education for students, faculty and staff. 

While the Covid-19 epidemic has forced the entire University community to make painful adjustments, certain initiatives taken by the higher administration flagrantly contradict the best practices for distance learning and threaten to erode the quality of instruction that students expect and deserve. For example, some faculties are taking advantage of the transition to online learning to combine multiple course sections to create monster enrollment courses where the number of students enrolled is doubled, tripled and even quadrupled. This flies in the face of established research that professorial ‘presence’ is the number one ingredient to student satisfaction and learning outcomes. This may be an effective strategy for saving money, but it is disastrous for quality instruction. 

Packing students into monster sized classes will amplify the impersonality of online instruction, erode student engagement and leave our at-risk students behind. We cannot afford to erode the quality of education our students, donors and Ontario taxpayers expect and deserve.

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