What is uoDISsatisfaction?

The #uoDISsatisfaction campaign is presented in solidarity by the Inter-Union Committee of the University of Ottawa to advocate for a higher quality of education. 

The adjustment to the newly imposed method of teaching in light of the pandemic demonstrates that the University of Ottawa is not well equipped to ensure the quality of courses offered through distance education for this fall. 

Despite the pandemic, we are already noting a significant increase in undergraduate enrollment for the upcoming terms. Some faculties are taking advantage of this situation by combining multiple course sections together, thus, doubling, tripling, and even quadrupling the number of registrations per course. 


What does increasing the number of registrations per course mean?

  • A heavy workload for academic staff, without adequate compensation
  • Inequitable teaching and learning conditions
  • Technical support work that falls on the shoulders of professors or teaching assistants 
  • Inadequate distance education resources in an inequitable economic context
  • The imposition of myriad software without engaging in consultation with staff
  • Additional costs to facilitate the distribution and the retrieval of course materials (such as high-speed internet, softwares, hardwares, etc.)


We are calling the University of Ottawa to take an UNCONVENTIONAL STEP to immediately ensure the well-being of its university community.

We call for an immediate investment of funds aimed at improving the quality of education by: 

  • Preventing the merging of course sections; 
  • Respecting the maximum number of students enrolled per course; and
  • Providing teaching resources and ensuring equitable teaching and learning conditions.

Click here to read our open letter here.